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XEVƃCI(A Cow and a Lion)

A Cow and a Lion
(Old stories of India)


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@This is a story from long, long ago.

@A cow went to the river to drink some water and ate a lot of green grass by the river.

@When the cow was about to go home, she unfortunately encountered a hungry lion.

gYou, cow. Be prepared. I will eat you!h

@The lion looked as if he was going to attack her any second.

@The cow backed away at first but had a second thought.

(Ifm going to die someday anyway. If so, it may be a honorable thing for me to offer myself to a hungry lion who is craving me.)

@So the cow said to the lion,

gSure, go ahead and eat me. But I have one favor to ask you.h

gWhat is it?h

gMy hungry little boy is waiting for me to come home.

@Please let me go home and feed him for the last time.

@I promise to come back as soon as possible.h

gNo way! Ifm sure youfll never come back!h

@gYes, I will.

@Ifll keep my promise.

@If I donft feed the little boy today, my breast milk will be wasted.

@Itfs very important to be helpful for something, isnft it?h

gc I see. You may go, then. Ifll be waiting for you right here.h

@The lion agreed reluctantly.

@The cow hurried back home and called the little boy.

gCome here, my little boy. Drink my milk as much as you want.h

@However, the smart little boy noticed his mother acting differently.

gMama, are you worried about something?

@Tell me.

@Ifm not going to drink your milk if you donft tell me.h

@The boy looked so serious that the cow told him the truth.

gYou see?

@Drink some milk now, good boy.

@Ifve made a promise with the lion.h

@The little boy looked up at his mother, looking as if he was about to cry.


@Ifll come with you.

@Ifm too sad to drink your milk, knowing that you are going back to the lion alone.h

@The cow hugged the little boy.


the little boy said,

gyou told me that itfs important to be helpful for something in this world.

@Eating both of us should satisfy the lionfs hunger enough to not eat other animals for a while.h

gBut I canft let the lion eat youch

gNo! I want to come with you!h

@The little boy wouldnft leave his motherfs side.

@So the cow reluctantly took the little boy with her and hurried back to where the lion was.

gLion, Iem back as I promised.

@My little boy is here with me as well.

@Now you may eat us.

@You must be starving, but if you eat two of us, you wonft crave other animals for a while.

@We believe itfs a very good thing to sacrifice ourselves to save other animals.h

@The lion had been listening to the cow closely.

@His eyes were in tears.

gHere, Lion. Go ahead.h

gEat me, too.h

@Having said that, the cow and the little boy closed their eyes slowly.

@Suddenly, the lion grabbed his stomach and said to the cow and the son.

gOw! It hurts!

@Ifm getting stomachache just now.

@I canft eat anything like this.

@What a shame, what a shame.h

@Then the lion left without eating the two.

The end

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